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The Fine Art of Landscape Painting in Beeswax by Brian Melton

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About the Artist

Born in Surrey, Brian Melton studied graphics and fine art at Epsom College of Art and Design. Following training at the London School of Printing, he gained valuable experience as a Tactical Sketcher with H.M. Forces.

Brian worked for a number of design groups and advertising, agencies before establishing his own graphic design and illustration consultancy in London's West End. The consultancy, in which Brian continues to play an active role, has over the last 30 years become well-known in the worlds of advertising promotion and publishing.

More recently, Brian has researched an ancient art form using pigmented beeswax and has been able to develop it as a medium for creative landscape painting. He has enjoyed a series of successful one-man shows in London and its suburbs, he also exhibits his fine art encaustic beeswax paintings throughout the British Isles.

The Fine Art of Landscape Painting in Beeswax by Brian Melton

History of Waxart painting
The Fine Art of Landscape Painting in Beeswax by Brian Melton

Painting with beeswax is one of the earliest forms of graphic art known to man. Developed by the ancient Hellenistic Greeks more than 2000 years ago and soon practised by the Romans and Egyptians, this painting technique known as 'encaustic' ( to burn in ) involves the application of beeswax and pigment to various surfaces using a heat process. The medium is capable of depicting images of great enchantment and mystique.

As a relaxation from commercial graphic design, illustration and artwork, Brian began to explore the pictorial possibilities of this ancient painting and illustration process. By adapting the ancient painting techniques and using modern equipment he has discovered special ways of painting coloured beeswax into picturesque landscape and seascape images, taking the mountains, hills and waters of the English Lake District, Scotland and its Hebridean Islands as his inspiration. Each painting is original, since the combination of colours, textures and distinct art style cannot be replicated in original art form.

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